Michele Baroc

Michele has been collaborating with the Firm since 2018.

He graduated in Law from the University of Parma, where in 2000 he obtained the European College Master degree in EU law and economics.

In 2014 he specialized in Tax Law at the State University of Milan.

After legal practice obtained at an important law firm in Cardiff, he got the title of professor of “Common law and legal English” at the University of Parma.

In 2006 due to his commitment to the dissemination of English legal culture he was given the knighthood of St. George in Wales. Still in 2006 he founded the Novastudia law firm with offices in Milan, Rome, Lugano and Luxembourg.

He is a professional trustee and has been managing various national and international trusts. He is a National Councilor of the National Forensic Association and a lawyer authorized by the Ministry of Justice (Department of Juvenile Justice) for cases of International Child Abduction; as a result he has gained a significant foreign experience working on cases of kidnappings and getting back home the minors.

As an expert of international trusts and offshore companies, he has been appointed as a judge consultant (witness expert) in trials held in the US, UK, Switzerland and Jersey.