Labour law

The Department deals with the management of all labour and trade union law issues.

It provides specialist advice on labour law issues connected with the restructuring and acquisition of companies, with crisis management, with the planning and management of redundancies and with trade union negotiations and Public Administration bodies.

The activity extends to the management – including ordinary management – of the employment relationship with reference to the issues concerning the adoption of contractual models, types of negotiations, analysis of flexibility tools and incentives, as well as in the drafting and study of specific acts and opinions in the management of the employment relationship, including the drafting of codes of conduct and assistance in disciplinary and trade union matters.

It provides extrajudicial assistance, defence and judicial representation before national civil jurisdictions, arbitration and in conciliation and mediation commissions, carried out in particular through the following activities:

  • Due diligence
  • Individual dismissals
  • Collective redundancies
  • Solidarity contracts
  • Mobility procedures
  • Business transfers
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Work contracts
  • Disputes and disciplinary sanctions
  • Trade union law
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