Intellectual property, Internet law and Unfair Competition

The Practice has played a pivotal role in the development of specific cases law and jurisprudence concerned with audio-visual media, effecting a shift in legal, social and factual perceptions regarding the illicit dissemination of contents under copyright protection through digital means.

Over the years, the Firm has assisted leading companies in the field of audio-visual media, helping them with the difficult task of preventing copyright infringement on the Internet, involving the main market operators and referring these matters to the authoritative Specialized Corporate Sections of the courts of Rome, Milan and Turin. The most important legal publications about copyright law have recorded the decision taken in recent years, creating a new legal literature within the bigger sector of the intellectual property.

This Department deals with any issues relating to the protection of intellectual and industrial property (such as copyright and related rights, trademarks, distinctive signs and patents), no matter the context (either online or offline) in which such issues arise, and it has extensive experience in all matters relating to “IP & Media LAW”.

The Firm provides legal advice and litigation assistance before Italian and European civil and criminal Courts and Italian administrative Authorities (AGCOM). Services include:

  • Copyright protection (record SIAE / MIBACT, agreements)
  • Digital and Cyber piracy (by streaming, peer to peer services, cyber-locker services, apps)
  • ISP’s liability
  • IPR’s protection
  • Trademarks registration and ancillary services (searching, registration and opposition filing, licensing.)
  • Designs (searching, registration and opposition filing, licensing.)
  • Domain names (searching, registration and opposition filing)
  • Software protection (SIAE)
  • IPRs due diligence
  • Computer forensic
  • Website monitoring
  • Notice and take down procedures
  • IPRs unfair competition

Head of department: Avv. Alessandro La Rosa