Business crisis and credit recovery

The department deals with assistance aimed at identifying solutions for business crises, including recourse to insolvency procedures (bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors, forced liquidation, extraordinary administration, etc.) and the restructuring of debts, as well as all phases, preceding and subsequent to the declaration of bankruptcy with protection of the interests of instant creditors, or of companies against which bankruptcy is filed, even in the eventual phase of encumbrance or verification of credits.

The department provides legal assistance in the area of bonds and any legal matters relating and connected to debt collection, including assistance in the context of insolvency proceedings, and the enforcement process in general.

In particular, the activity consists in the preparation and implementation of:

  • Precepts
  • Injunctions
  • Personal, real estate and third party foreclosure
  • Foreclosure of quotas and shares
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Proof of claims and petitions
  • Claims
  • Statement of liabilities
  • Bankruptcy recovery

The department uses a “track record” system to monitor the efficiency of the recovery actions, both in global terms, as well as for the client, in relation to the timing, the retrieved value and any other relevant data.

It is equipped with an elastic structure of professionals and consultants and makes use of automation systems that allow rapid development of the work, even in the presence of huge assignments.

Rome Office
Milan Office