About us

Founded in the late 1950s, Studio Previti is a law firm with offices in Rome and Milan.

The Firm’s main objective is to attain the highest possible client satisfaction.

The care of the Client is guaranteed by the Firm’s qualified professionals teamed up in highly specialised departments, who are able to provide legal assistance with an integrated approach focused on finding concrete solutions to clients’ problems. The thorough knowledge of Clients, their sectors of activity and their needs is the premise for the mutual sharing of objectives and for the relevant attainment which are pursued also by means of flexible and tailor made fees.

The Firm practices in the fields of civil and commercial law, both before court and out of court, including arbitration. The Firm’s main areas of activity refer to copyright including art law, intellectual and industrial property rights, communications law, banking, finance and insurance law and company and commercial law, but it also has considerable expertise in the fields of real estate law, bankruptcy law, family law including wills and probate, sports law, as well as writs of execution and debts recovery.

The Firm meticulously complies with the forensic code of conduct, avoiding any and all conflicts of interest, and it rigorously protects the confidentiality of the information that is processed in the course of its activity.

The Firm has adopted a certified system and it pursues a quality policy as a means of constantly increasing the quality and the efficiency of the services provided.

The professional excellence is the hallmark that the Firm grounds as priority by building up procedures for the recruitment of new resources, the promotion and the organization of continuous training and update and for its professionals.

The Firm’s efficiency is further enhanced by the cutting-edge IT infrastructure, which aims at facilitating long-distance work and communication, including with Clients. In this context, the full digitisation of the archive and the adoption of an efficient remote access system allow the delocalisation of most of the professional activity carried out by the Firm and encourage the integration with third party professionals, as well as with those Clients who want to take advantage of this opportunity.