Labour and Employment Law

The Department deals with all issues relating to labour, employment and trade union law, assisting its Clients both before court and out of court.

In these contexts, the Department advises Clients across the spectrum of employment and labour matters, including restructurings, acquisitions and redundancies processes, crisis management, in negotiations with the trade unions and the Public Administration bodies.

The Department also deals with the ongoing management of the employment relationship with respect to matters relating to the adoption of contractual models, negotiation agreements, analysis of flexibility instruments and incentives, draft of employment policies and guidance on their application, union information and consultation procedures.

It also provides a specialist advice of individual cases in the process of Clients’ strategic decision-making in order to assess the risks on the identification of the tools that best serve their purpose.

The judicial assistance deals with the full range of individual, collective or union employment disputes, including conflicts with trade unions and the Authorities in case of audits and inspections.

Furthermore, the Department assists its Clients in conciliatory proceedings either before the trade unions or the administrative authorities and in arbitration.

Head of department: Avv. Francesca Frezza