Corporate, commercial and contract law

The Department deals with all aspects relating to the incorporation of companies (such as the drafting of deed of incorporation, articles of association and shareholders agreements), the management of any issues relating to commercial law (drafting of advice, national and international agreements) and corporate law (drafting of the minutes of the corporate bodies, share capital increases), the handling and leading of extraordinary transactions either on a national or international level, both for Italian and foreign large and medium sized companies and primarily, but not limited to: share deals and assets and business as on going concern deals of national and international companies, also in the sectors of private equity and venture capital, corporate and contractual joint ventures.

It deals with the handling and the leading of corporate finance transactions and loans; it provides assistance to start ups operating in the digital, commercial and services sectors, as well as to foreign entities who want to incorporate a company with its registered office in Italy or who want to set up their business in Italy.

It also provides its assistance to Italian companies who are in the process of expanding their businesses internationally.

It assists Clients on the real estate transactions, from the stage preliminary to the closing, the development, the handling, the lease and the financing of any king of real estate properties both residential and commercial/industrial.

It handles negotiations and executions of contracts and any issue related to this kind of agreements.

Head of department: Avv. Milena Prisco