Banking and insurance law

The Department deals with all issues relating to contractual relationships and financial intermediation services; indemnification proceedings relating to losses resulting from financial investments; the liability of financial intermediaries due to the breach of duties of conduct or information requirements relating to the negotiation of financial instruments; the joint liability of financial intermediaries for torts committed by their financial promoter.

It also deals with all issues relating to insurance law, and particularly insurance policies, all insurance products and any issues concerning the performance of contractual relationships. Furthermore, it deals with any case of tort, including both professional liability and liability arising from the use of vehicles. The Department also deals with subrogation, claim management and efficiency analyses of insurance coverage. Furthermore, it provides activities of drafting and reviewing of insurance policies, besides supervising and auditing the entire claims management activity of the Insurance Companies, including the allocation of reserves.

It provides assistance on these matters either before the court or out of court.

Head of department: Avv. Daniele Franzini